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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  September 29, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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we begin with breaking news out of potomac maryland. a school bus crash involving at least two other vehicles. it happened along river road and bradley boulevard. one person was hurt, but at this point we are not sure of the condition. nearly 30 students are being checked out by amy workers as a precaution. it is believed they attend saint stevens and saint agnes school in alexandria. one person is dead after a fast-moving fire ripped through a northwest dc apartment this
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morning. flames broke out shortly before 4:00 a.m. it is near irving street in the columbia heights neighborhood. lindsey mastis joining us with more. >> reporter: jessica, investigators are on the scene trying to find out the cause of the fire. they know it started on the fifth floor and went up through the stairwell. the fire was so intense that one person jumped out the window. >> there was one resident, who did jump from the interior of the building to escape the fire. >> reporter: that man died a short time later. four others are in critical condition, including a child. eight people were transported to lock a hospitals. 40 others were treated on the scene. >> got my girlfriend out of bed and ran through. she got her and the cat. she's in the hospital and i'm going to see her right now. >> reporter: witnesses say they woke up to the sound of alarms. >> i heard screaming.
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so i opened up the door and saw on my floor there was furniture in the hallway that was on fire. >> reporter: this man lives on the fifth floor and he says the night before he noticed the furniture in the common area, close to where the fire started. >> it was a lot of smoke, and my hall was pretty lit up with flames. yeah, pretty scary. >> reporter: fire crews used ladder trucks to rescue residents and search the building. >> i wake up and the fire department broke my door and got me out of the building. >> reporter: fire chief dennis rubin said there have been some recent arsons in the neighborhood. a string of car fires. they are looking to see whether it might be related to this fire. live in northwest washington, lindsey mastis, 9 news now. >> thank you. just a few feet away from the fire a woman was struck while crossing the street. it happened right there at mount pleasant and irving. at this point, the woman's condition is not known. medic ops the scene of the fire
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helped to stabilize the woman before she was rushed to the hospital. more rain on the way and that could mean flooding. meteorologist howard bernstein is tracking the storm and is joining us with the forecast first. >> we have a lot of tropical moisture. this is ahead of schedule. it might be later on this afternoon or this evening. rain on the doorstep. drops on the terrace and to the south of town it is really starting to come down and this moisture goes all the way to the western caribbean. so we are juiced and ready for a lot of rain. go to live doppler 9000 hd. i want to show you where things are right now. you can see north of town things are quiet. a few sprinkles here, but it is in southern maryland, the northern neck and the eastern shore that you see the yellow and orange from cambridge down through st. mary's county here and again in to southern calvert as well over to the northern neck. this is really starting to come down. but this is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. a lot of rain is expected. back on the weather computer and show you what is happening. a flood watch midnight to 9:00 p.m.
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tomorrow. we are expecting a lot of rain and this flood watch will go up and down from the carolinas in to new york state and new england. how much rain are we talking about? well, this is one computer model. i just want to show you this because when we start to see the oranges here, we are talking four to five inches and we have pockets of it. the red is even three to four inches. we will show you tighter amounts coming up later, and plus talk about the storm and what the time frame is and what the weekend is looking like when i see you in 12 minutes or so. back to you. an update on the dead deadly daylight shooting on u street northwest. officers arrested brandon miller last night. police believe he's one of two gunman who opened fire on mourners attending a funeral yesterday. however, police are still looking for another suspect. >> i want to ask for help for anyone who may have seen who may have seen the 2001 white buick. 2001 white buick with dc tags
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anywhere either in and around this neighborhood on u street. >> reporter: 21-year-old jamal coats was killed. european security officials say they have intercepted and disrupted a credible terror plot targeting britain, france and germany. they believe islamic terrorists were planning an attack on major european cities. >> reporter: the eiffel tower has been evacuated twice in two week. precautions against a possible terror attack. the security alert in paris comes as european intelligence agents warn islamic terrorists have been plotting mumbai-style shooting sprees in britain, france and germany. officials say they broke up simultaneous assaults like raids in an end ya two years ago when pakistani killed. >> they used multiple weapons and it is high powered weapons
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as well as standoff attacks. and means there may be rock- propelled grenades. explosive vests. >> reporter: british security officials say it looks like the plot was at the earliest stages and since an attack is not seen as imminent, they are not raising the security threat level here. intelligence officials say american air strikes, targeting terror cells in pakistan disrupted the plot. french authorities were bracing for a backlash over attempts to ban muslim women from wearing burr das. german officials say they are aware of information pointing to planned al-qaeda attacks, but there's no imminent terror threat on german soil. but european security officials warn the terror attack remains the real possibility. charlie d'agata. cbs news, london. former president carter is canceling today's book signing
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here in washington. he was supposed to make an appearance at the smithsonian to promote his book, white house diary. the 85-year-old former president remains in an ohio hospital for an upset stomach. doctors want to keep him at least one more day. at this point there is no word when he will reschedule. one of the suspects charged in the off-campus students that killed a seating hall university student from virginia is in court today. investigators say he opened fire during an off campus party after someone refused to let him in. jessica moore from prince georges county, virginia was killed. police are looking for a second man, they say, gave welsh the gun gun. right now prince georges county community college is shut down because of a natural gas leak. crews are working at campus way south and route 202. officials say a four-inch gas line ruptured this morning. fire crews shut down roads leading to the scene as a precaution. right now gas crews are working
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to repair the line. usually hot arid weather is great for vineyards but not this time around. grapes used to make california wine are in serious jeopardy. the landing gear malfunctions on a crowded commuter flight and it is ear ely similar to another flight.
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another commuter justice was forced to make an emergency
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landing in milwaukee last night. it's a smaller version of the same plane that had a near crash landing at jfk airport in new york on saturday. as joel brown reports, investigators think the landing gear may be the cause. >> reporter: passengers aboard a sky west airlines commuter flight headed to milwaukee last night heard an ominous sound as they prepared to land. >> you could hear them trying to put the landing gear down four or five times. >> reporter: after the pilot circled mitchell field several times the announcement no traveler wants to hear. >> came over the loud speaker and said they couldn't get one gear down and we were going to have to go with one gear up. >> reporter: the 32 passengers braced for impact, but the pilot landed the plane safely. the faa and the national transportation safety board are investigating because the incident was very similar to another emergency involving a plane made by the same company just last saturday. >> stay down! stay down! >> in that emergency landing at
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jfk's airport, the wheels were stuck in the up position. >> brace for impact. >> reporter: the plane's wings dragged along the runway, sending showers of sparks in to the sky. all 64 people on board made it off safely. both planes were from the crj series made by canadian manufacturer b ombardei. they have been involved in six landing gear emergencies in the last five years. they are investigating the incident and said in a statement its crj aircraft have logged more than 22 million takeoff and landing cycles and are "very good and reliable." joel brown, cbs news, washington. howard is keeping an eye on the latest round of storms heading our way. his forecast is next. just starting to rain here in washington. to the south we are seeing more than that.
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already a half an inch to about that in reedville. look at the radar over the past 12 hours. the rain is ahead of schedule and a lot of it on the way. we will talk about the flood potential and the weekend forecast when 9 news now returns. hi. i'm jim perdue.
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the bookmobile rolls in to arlington, virginia today and it's not quite the library on wheels you might remember. it's a digital bookmobile. instead of checking out books, you can down load them to your e-reader. you can access audio books. the bookmobile mr. bush outside the central library on quincy street from 1:00 to 7 today. experts will be there to help you with your down loads. you can learn more on the arlington section of where you live section. 50 neighborhoods are covered daily at the heat wave gripping california is proving profitable for some businesses but crushing the hopes of some wine makers. and we could all wind up paying for it. >> this berry is one that burned in the last few days. it's still a little spongey, versus the crispy critters around it. >> reporter: john is a personable, third generation wine maker who, with his
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family, attends to 60-acres and they make award-winning wines but this year it is anyone's guess how the wines will taste and it is all because of the weather. >> this is one year we can't wait to finish. >> reporter: some vines were planted in 1888 and maybe they have seen this before but he hasn't. it was a pain in the neck from the start. late spring rain, a cool summer and two shock waves of heat. >> the vines didn't acclimate for heat and we finally got summer, the last week in august. and we got this. >> essentially raisins that aren't that eat and not what you expect to drink. he was hoping his grapes would be able to figure out the weather. >> plants are like people. they acclimate to their surroundings. >> reporter: enough is enough. when you want this and get
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this, you pray for no rain. his demeanor wilts a bit in the hot sun. >> in general it is the love of what you do that keeps you doing it. >> reporter: not so much this year? >> yeah. early on, we did just because this is what we do. then as the year goes on i hope it holds out enough to get it to harvest and get a surprise like we did it puts you back in a downer and then can't wait to finish. >> reporter: in martinez, cbs 5. >> and here we are is a powerful storm rolling in. how bad will it be. >> several inches. and it will help drought conditions. if you go to my blog i have talked about the drought and how much rain we are looking at. there is a lot there and a coastal flood watch in affect as sides could be running two to three feet above normal.
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keep that in mind. start with a look at what we expect the rest of the afternoon. the forecast first, temperatures will slowly drop in to the upper to mid-60s. northeast winds five to ten and rain increasing this afternoon. it already has down south. air quality is code green. tonight the rains will be heavy at times, especially after midnight. lows in the 60s. east winds 10 to 15. 6:54 on the sunset. tomorrow is a mess. rain will be heavy at times. windy, too. gusts 20 to 30 miles an hour and two to four inches of rain. some thunder is possible, as well. two to four at least. some areas could see five or six. right now we are thinking west of washington could be the most. look at this on the dollar over the last 12 hours. all the moisture streaming northward across southeastern virginia and knocking on our doorstep. we will go to live doppler 9000 hd and show you what is happening. up north clouds have been building. in the district we have had a few sprinkles t got the showers
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in harrisonburg over to fredericksburg. easton to cambridge it is starting to pick up. you will have to watch for the afternoon here. and some of the rain is actually already heavy in southern maryland. we'll go up to return county and annapolis. you have some showers, which are about to move in to you. shady side to north beach you have wet weather. southern portions county and lighter rain. in st. mary's county, leonardtown, st. mary's city across the river toward new land, reedville. jan is four tenth of an inch this morning. really coming down. and this is lifting off to the north. temperatures will hold where they are in the 60s to around 70. it is 66 in fredericksburg. orange is 62. and look, where it is raining in cambridge 63. easton 68 but you will likely see a few degrees chopped off once the rain moves in. light showers at national, 68. dew point in the 50s. that's coming up and the winds from the east will be coming up
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as well as the storm system is actually part of a complex system. nicole down here. all of this moisture is streaming to the north and it will redevelop in to an extra tropical or post tropical storm but the moisture is here and it's coming and there's a lot of it. we will watch it in waves this afternoon and this evening. computer is trying to say things will settle down this evening and we may see a little bit of a lessening but in the next surge is overnight. i don't think it will break that much. overnight through tomorrow morning. heavy rains off to our west. and then in the afternoon, some showers and storms here. it finally starts to pull north with a few lingering showers by early friday morning and improving weather by friday afternoon. friday still holding on to a few light showers. how much rain where are we talking? a lot of rain. this particular model pushing here in town, you see the red. reds are three to four.
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and yellow is eight inches in the carolinas. i zood in throwing some numbers in there. not as much east but could be five to seven inches in culpeper with upwards of three in washington. if the bands move a little bit the totals will move. this is a computer projection. don't focus on exacts right now but get the picture there is a lot of possible of heavy rainfall. we clear out friday afternoon and the week looks so much better as temperatures drop in the 60s -- low 60s by sunday. we will be in the kitchen in a moment when 9 news now at noon
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a few years ago, jj deli in herndon topped channel 9's a list for barbecue. i wish you could smell it in here. we have the owner with us. we are getting ready for philadelphia on sunday. i wish you could smell it in here. if we are tailgating, there are potential health risks to tell us about and give us tips to avoid them. >> slaughtly. the worst thing that can happen to you on game day is that you
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get a case of food poisoning or cross contamination. the number one cause of this. people get there. they have a cooler full of bratwurst and chicken and sal lammies. they grab a chicken, put it on the grill. wipe a hand on a paper towel and grab a hot dog and then the bacteria is crossing over. >> you have a tip for chicken. >> best thing to do is take your chicken the night before. take vegetable oil, salt, pepper, paprika and rub that on the chicken and bake it at 475 for 45 minutes and take the thermometer. $4 is the best investment you can make for your kitchen. check the temperature, 165. chill it overnight. take it with you and you have no chance of cross contamination. all the food is already cooked. put it on the grill and cook for 15 minutes and you have all the grill flavor. >> any concern with ribs or
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pulled pork? >> not if you keep them hot. >> what is the secret for making them delicious. >> low and slow. don't rush it. take your time. enjoy the experience. barbecue is an experience. it's not just an even. >> any special sauce you use on this. >> my own sauce. >> that's a secret recipe. >> it is a secret recipe but you can get it from me anytime. >> what do you do to make the pork fall apart at any time. >> low and slow again, about three hours for five pounds so it's an all-day event and a little sauce in there to get a nice flavor. >> what are you thinking about philadelphia on sunday. >> i we we will take michael vick down. >> i think so. we will stuff our faces in a few minutes in this barbecue. i wish the folks at home could smell the kitchen. >> they can experience it anytime at jj's deli.
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>> following my nose. >> we are back here at 5:00, of course. and you can get news anytime by going to and we're going to eat now. >> watch for the rain. topper will have an update at fie clock. 5:00.
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what, is it a slow day in wisconsin's sin city? >> phyllis: oh... (sighs) you know,


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